The Door way to A better Me. 

Demetria Buie shares some insight on her upcoming book.

In theory we all want to be better; better friends, better spouses, better people, whatever.
But getting there is easier said than done.
When you think about becoming better do you picture becoming someone else? Someone you admire?
If so, you are looking at it all wrong.
In order to become better you need to focus on being a better you, not changing yourself into another person.
That just won’t work. You are unique, one of a kind, and priceless. However we can all use improvement.  Through my positive eyes. Will be available September 1, 2016 at http://www.refusetolose31.com for just $12.00.

How to Prepare for What You’ve Prayed For!


How to Prepare for What You’ve Prayed For
Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the
grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.
(1 Peter 1:13)
Two of the most troubling questions amongst believers are, “How long before God answers my
prayers? How long will my waiting on Him last?”
But there is another vital point of view we might just be ignoring.
It could well be that while we think we’re waiting on Him, He is actually the one waiting for us
to sort out certain aspects of our lives in preparation for the blessing!

It’s a Matter of Purpose
It is important that the things you’re asking God for are actually the things He wants for you.
How close are your desires to His will? How much of your purpose will that request fulfil? These
are questions you must answer.
You’re made for so much more than an ordinary life. He wants you to live for His Kingdom’s
advancement and the glory of His Name.
When you get confused as to how to use a product, you return to the producer for the manual.
Make sure you’re on the right track today by returning to your Creator for guidance. Make sure
your prayers are motivated by God’s love and not human ulterior motives.
This is the basis for receiving from God.
Operation ‘Upgrade’
Is this version of you ready for the blessing you seek?
The case is often that God sent the answer soon after you prayed but it reached the door of
your life and screeched to an abrupt halt. It couldn’t gain entrance because something you’re
doing or not doing hinders it.
Have you asked God for the blessing of a spouse and yet continue with those trial and error
relationships? Have you asked for success and yet keep cutting corners? Have you asked for

Preparation for the blessing 🙌

spiritual growth and still pick and choose what parts of God’s Word to obey or discard because
they seem ‘easy’ or ‘hard’?
God needs to be sure you won’t misuse that blessing. He wants you to trust Him completely. If
you still fight for yourself, depend on your own abilities, and partially obey Him, the solution is
a complete upgrade. Determine to be transformed and ask God sincerely grace to perform. He
won’t deny you.
Talk is Cheap
Many Christians have the blessed conviction that God has called them into a particular
endeavor. It’s good that they say it aloud with assurance.
But let’s be real: Talk is cheap.
God has placed in you the ability to excel in that field. If you then decide not to lift a finger to
work towards it, no amount of prayer will make bring the excellence your way!
Whether it’s ministry, business, academics or whichever else, you need to put in the actual
effort to polish yourself. Ask questions, take courses, engage with the countless online and
offline content in your specific area. Sharpen your skills.

Some blessings already rest within you and simply need discipline and diligence to shine forth.
You’ve prayed enough, beloved. Get to work!
Conquer the Miracle Robber
This is how you know your breakthrough is just around the corner: The enemy begins to
instigate pressure and provocations from friends, colleagues, family and even random strangers.
For Moses, it was from those he led. Their terrible outburst when they needed water made Him
so furious he struck the Rock instead of simply speaking to it, like God commanded. He missed
out on God’s promised land because of this.
Anger is the miracle robber. It breeds contempt for God, dishonor to His servants, and envy
against those who have gotten the blessings you seek.
Choose to be a conqueror. Choose to be joyful in the Lord, no matter what. Soak yourself in His
unfailing Word. Sing praises and dance to Him.

God is waiting for you to get prepared so that He can reach you with your miracle. Just play
your part and He will handle the rest.
You will surely testify!

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Afraid 2 Love!

Afraid to Love Again
All human beings share an intimate desire to experience a unique soul-level connection with someone special. That is falling in love with the right person. Falling in love is great, feels wonderful, and is the most amazing thing human beings can experience. It involves a
rollercoaster of emotion which are beautiful, wonderful, and hideous at times. Nevertheless, people from broken marriages or broken long-term relationships fear falling in love again.
Besides, some who have never been in love desire it but are afraid. Human beings were created for relationships with one another.
Love is a natural feeling, and when you find the right person, you cannot fight it. The fear of loving again may be strong, but you do not realize that avoiding falling in love or connect with
your soulmate is only hurting you. You do not become any better, instead, you are only keeping yourself guarded, bitter and lonely. If you have never fallen in love, you are just afraid of the
unknown and you cannot overcome it unless you decide to face it.
Real love is sweet and endless; however, it makes a person vulnerable and at the same time stirs up the old hurts. However, if you allow yourself to fall in love again, you are going to realize being vulnerable has its benefits. In this case, vulnerability is not on the negative side. It is the
honesty, and openness with a new person about your life, desires, thoughts, and dreams. It is the idea of allowing another person to know you more, which is important for them to love you right. Besides everything falling in love is biblical.
Would you catch me if I fall for you?
If I fall for you today, would you catch me knowing love is an overwhelming feeling and is filled with passion? The bible says that love is kind, forgiving, patient, selfless, and sacrificial. Loving
each other is a commitment, also it is an act of service and satisfies the party. Therefore, loving is intentional and does not depend on how the other person is feeling. Jesus loved those who
loved him and those who condemned Him. However, even if love is natural, you should not perceive it as a dependent. The concept of “falling in love” places undue emphasis on the
expressive condition of the person involved. The wording may make it sound accidental but it is

June 3, 2021


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Empowering Women To Speak Out Magazine. (Top Story). Should You Marry Someone That Understands your Calling? By: Julia A. Royston 🥂 January 2021

Do They Understand Your Call?
Two things, no relationship is perfect. Secondly, I’m not a relationship expert.
Having been divorced once and single for more than a decade after, I decided that
I was going to wait and not settle. This is a no judgement zone and I don’t
condemn anyone for the choices that they make because it is left up to you. But, I
believe to my core that your life, career and call will be impacted if you are in a
relationship with the wrong person. Some people excel in spite of the
relationship and I applaud you but for me, I need to be in a stable relationship to
excel. I need peace. I need support. I need balance. I need love and
commitment. That’s my short list but more importantly, I needed God to bring,
endorse and tell me who my husband was. It was key for me. If God didn’t say
yes, I didn’t want to say yes. My motto is “Go with God.” My calling was
important to me so for me the 4 must haves are:
God agreement – I needed a yes from God.
Understand ME and the call that is on my life. I had no clue where and
what ALL God had for me but I was sure going to at least stay on the road
to find out. I had to ask them the question, this is me and my call, you in or
out? Also, I have always said, “Don’t make me choose between you and
God because you will lose, period.”
What are your interests? I didn’t want a one sided relationship. What was
their passion, purpose and pursuits? What made them get up in the
morning and shine? How did they want to spend their days and nights?
Finally, fidelity and integrity in my relationship. Is he perfect? No. Am I
perfect? Lord, no and never will be until heaven. Do we work together,
love the same God, work toward the same goals by having each other’s
back and loving each other’s families? Absolutely.
So what’s on your list? Gifts and Calling come without repentance. God’s not
changing His mind and neither should you. Let’s go!
Written By: Julia A. Royston 🥂. Publish By: DBPUBLICATIONS.
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A New Chapter Of Me!

WooopWoop!!! I AM LEGALLY DIVORCED!! LET’S TALK ABOUT IT! In My New Book Dedicated to my Single Ladies! Finding Peace Being Single!!
Life!! You are exactly where God wants you to be. Remember: Your story has already been written. God is not re-writing anything!
Say Hello To The New Chapter Of Your Life!

 But one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind me, and reaching & pressing forward.

Getting Back Into The Dating Game After Divorce. By: Demetria Buie

Dating Again After Divorce
Divorce is among the most traumatic experiences; however, it does not mean you will never have a companion again. Dating after a divorce is cool, everyone deserves to be happy. However, many people find it hard to get back to the dating world.  Some people get ready to date right after a divorce while others take a very long time. it all depends on a person’s resilience, anxieties, ability to handle the emotions, and the support system available. Nevertheless, in all circumstances, you need to let the past go and get ready to start fresh. Here are some great tips to help you start dating again after a divorce.
Contemplate whether it is the right time
After a divorce, you cannot predict a person’s reaction towards dating, some people wait while others jump back to the dating pool right away. However, the best thing is taking your time, grieve, and heal completely before you start afresh.  Your close friends may push you to date but that does not mean you are ready. Pay attention to your feelings; are you still mad at your ex or are you still thinking you could have saved your broken marriage? These are common thoughts and means you are not ready yet. Have patience with yourself and before you know it, you will be ready to move on even without keeping track.
Embrace the fear
Many people fear the unknown after a divorce. Dating is usually important to many before divorce but becomes foreign and scary after a divorce. It is normal to be nervous and therefore takes a lot of courage. Maybe you have been together with your ex for a long time to an extent dating feels wired or unnatural. All this is because of the fear of the unknown, the best thing is to
embrace the fear, it will help you in self-acceptance. Always introduce yourself as a single lady or guy, mingle naturally with other single when possible people, and the fear will slowly fade out even without knowing.
Do not get desperate
Dating after a divorce may raise some unsettling feeling that you end up clinging to the first person meet. Other people may confuse being ready and desperation, do not rush things because your ex has already moved on, take a step after the other. Slow down and get to know different people before you settle. In fact, the idea of being all over the first person you meet may scare them away. In case you feel the urge to rush, take a deep breath, and remind yourself you are not in for a relationship just like any other, you want a perfect relationship.
Today, times have changed as so is dating. If you were married long ago before the introduction of online dating you may not have any experience in online dating. Online dating is the trend today and you should not shy away from it, allow yourself to change with time in everything. Ask around which are the best sites and do not forget to take the right precautions which connecting to people online.
In conclusion, dating after marriage is cool, in fact, everybody deserves to be in a happy relationship. Therefore, do not shy away. However, it is important to ensure you do it the right way, you do not want to make the same mistakes. Take a step at a time, get ready, and finally, you will get there!
I couldn’t even pray..
You have to get back up. It’s okay to talk to someone. Please talk to someone you trust. Talk to a Therapist or Counselor. It’s okay. You can’t keep all of what you feel balled up inside. Most of all talk to God. Plus it’s okay to go around in the house letting it all out.
After my 2nd Divorce. I went into a Deep depression. Depression is real. It took 4 weeks to get out the bed. Getting sick in the process. I blamed myself for so much. I couldn’t bare of thinking that I would be on my 3rd marriage.
I couldn’t feel no one holding me… I couldn’t feel my body, mind, or soul….! I had given up. I literally thought I wasn’t gonna going to make it.
I needed help!! Lord… I needed you more than anything!!
Getting back up wasn’t easy. I’m not gonna lie and tell you it was. My body was healing from pain. Listen…! I had to think of why & who I was living for. I got back up and getting up hurted. But I knew God had a plan for my life & I had a purpose & others needed healing from my story so God can get the Glory!! I had to get out & Live.
Joy will come early in the morning!! Jesus you are my Sunshine.
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A letter To Her.

Dear little girl: I was afraid to talk to you. I actually found it strange to speak with you. I asked myself why I needed to Speak to you. After all the forgiving, I thought I did, all the love I thought I gave, & all the prayers I’ve said.. I really haven’t done all the forgiving & loving needed. I dealt with so much loneliness, allowing people to treat me any kind of way. Living in toxic Relationships, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, weight gain, over-eating, and sleepless nights. After praying for years & trying to find happiness & purpose, I began to have dreams of needing to go back & speak with that little girl… in the dream, I would hold you, and tell you that everything that happened was not your fault and also give her the love that you gave everyone else. In order for my change to come, my Deliverance, my next, my peace, I had to Speak with you…
The dysfunctional little girl feels her parent’s separation was her fault, almost being molested by my aunt’s husband at the age of 16, and nothing was done about it. She was told to leave it alone & never talk about it again..
Hello, little girl. I’m you, but just more big boned and with many lessons to learn. Every day I think about you, and I try to recover your sweetness and innocence.
Life has made me go through some complicated circumstances, such as the death of my dad, health issues, various breaks-ups with previous partners, & the loss of myself … But I never forgot you.. I thought of you almost every day.
I have also had some very happy experiences. I’ve met some wonderful people and have been to a few incredible places like Canada. Not sure if I been loved. I’ve kissed, hugged, and laughed. Above all, I have learned things that I wanted to know, and some I didn’t want to know, too.
Sometimes learning is painful, because life taught me things that I didn’t know when I was a child. Such as the fact that there are people I love very much with no connection. That there are people that I loved with all of my heart, but for various circumstances, they had to disappeared from my life, and there are times that I wasn’t able to express my feelings just as you never got a chance to.

However, I know that you still exist somewhere in my heart when I’m driving and getting lit to my favorite song. When I’m dancing alone around my house, I see you. When I’m laughing out loud, I see you, also when I do something wild or silly, I see you. That’s us. Although sometimes, you seem very far away from me…!

I need you to remind me every once in a while that there are wonderful people in this world who are capable of love. That I’m capable of feeling hope again, though at times I think I may have lost it. I also want you to remind me that life is much simpler than it seems. like…I’d like to wake up one day and say that I’m going back to go to school, and have fun coloring imaginary animals that can fly without wings or swim through seas of chalk. I’d like to be able to always say what I think, with so much innocence that no one would be offended.

At the age of 35 still thinking how I never did go to prom, school dances, or really experience my childhood.

What I need you to remind me is to never stop loving myself & others. I need you to whisper that everyday to my heart, & not to ever look back. I need you to invade me and force me to let myself go, not to fear anything, nor feel sorry about my experienced life as a child. Remind me:

That I’m capable of dreaming Dreams & they do exist, so that we’ll make them a reality. Not to set them aside or forget them. Don’t let me ever forget or believe I can’t achieve my dreams. Nurture my dreams. Push me to dream everyday. Make my ideas create dreams, and make these transform into something I can perceive, touch and feel.

Lastly…Throughout my life, I have gotten further away from your innocence because of the circumstances I’ve had to endure. Sometimes I lose hope and transparent gaze of my younger days. Therefore, I need you to remind me that I can feel emotion and hope about things that I’m passionate about and also people that make me feel good. Please never let me sink into another toxic Relationship or marriage again and if I ever feel myself falling into that trapdoor again, wake me up quickly, remind me to discern & remember who I am…

I need to know it’s okay to show my feelings. I’ve cried & felt numb. Remind me that it’s okay if I cry, laugh, hug or kiss for no other reason than because I feel like it. And that I should give away smiles to the world because sometimes the world is an unwelcoming place, but if I smile, I know that I’ll see it differently, with your eyes, and that I’ll be able to appreciate each cloud that moves in the sky, each leaf that falls, each sunshine that lights in the morning, which is yours.

Let’s pray together that God has healed. He is the center; our light, He is our truth, He is our redeemer, and He is the One that makes all things new. It took me some time to talk to you & now that I have, I pray I walk in my light and fulfill my earthly duties. Lord, I’m full of Joy that we can move forward now. As this tear drop from my eye and I hug you. Know that you are loved by God and have been forgiven. Now I can walk…I’m going to say goodbye. But every now & again, I’m going to need you to remind me that I can run this race without looking back.

Demetria Buie

10 Things Real Men Still Do 💌

If you are curious to know about, whether you are in a relationship with real men, then watch the 10 actions of real men. Real men are always different in his attitudes, character, behaviour, and he is different from the selfish frat type of man which you see around you every day. Real men are not inborn; they are transformed through the love of God in them, which exhibits the fruit of Spirit. We have listed out the ten things real men still do. 
1. Love’s God:
Real men prioritize God in everything and everywhere. His first appointment would be with God when he woke up. He won’t rely on his own understanding, his strength, finances or any other thing; he relies only on God for everything.
2. Love His family:
Real men love his family. He never cheats. He is committed to his marriage vows and stays loyal to build the family relationship strong and healthy. His affection for his woman is a full-time commitment. He takes care and spends time with children.
3. Prayer and Faith
Real men will consider Prayer and faith as his two eyes. A real man does trust God fully no matter how the situations seem to be hard. His perspective over God never changes that “Nothing is impossible with God” . Real men do things because of faith and not by sight.
4. Gives Generously 
Giving to others shows the real colour of a man. Real men give generously no matter whether he has little or not. The character of giving doesn’t change real men to give. 
5. Takes responsibility
Real men don’t look for ways to throw the blame, especially over to his partner or look to defend his mistakes. Instead, he acknowledges when he makes a mistake, apologizes for it and more importantly learns from it. He takes responsibility to build the family relationship and not breaks.
6. Build the Kingdom of God
A real man never stays calm when it comes to building the kingdom of God. His love for God never makes him settle in the worldly things. He does something for the kingdom of God, whether it gets recognized in the eyes of the people or not. 
7. Stand Strong

Real men don’t give up at times of situations where they are challenged, attacked, or criticized. ! Corinthians 15:58 says “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord.” They get on to the stronghold Jesus. 
8. Stays Humble
Real men are always vigilant toward pride. He gives his praises over to God, who made Him stand with an identity. He stays humble no matter how much God uses or raises him. They know everything had come from the hands of God.
Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. – 1 Peter 5:7
9. Never hurts
Real men never hurt others both by his words and deeds. He never hurts his spouse feelings or the feelings of the person in the workspaces.

10. Forgives
A real man forgives no matter what. Even though people betrayed and turn against him, he forgives and loves them back as God loves them. Because he puts God first, and that makes him forgive others.

Ladies please you know when a man loves you. And his love has nothing to do with giving you money, sex, or coming over to your house. And you wonder why men cheat, because he’s not in love with you. And you thought those 3 things were love. A man loves you when he’s vulnerable with you, he trust you, he tells you his deepest darkest secrets that he has never told anyone else. But it takes a praying/ mature woman to handle this. But Ladies please know if you make fun of him, or tell your homegirls this valuable information he will shut down, and remove away from you forever! I’m getting ready to turn 35 (Praise God) and it took me years to know that a man thinks so different than women!!

Hey this your Girl Demetria Buie and thank you for reading. More to come!!

Branding Colors By: Demetria Buie

Why Color(s) Are Important And Their Impact To Your Business and Brand
Color in marketing plays a vital role in how targeted customers perceive a brand. When designing a brand or logo, the choice of colors is a crucial element. Exiting Red and Competent Blue study reveals that purchasing intent is greatly influenced by colors. According to their study, colors have a great impact on how customers perceive a brand. In other words, they influence how customers view a brand’s personality.
When branding or designing a logo you have to pick the right colors which reflect your business. Colors are the first thing your target audience sees thus playing a significant role in consumer‘s behavior. This means that if the choice is poor, the target customers are not likely to perceive your product or business the way you expect.
Why do you like a certain product? What is your favorite color? Why do you like that color? Brands that are on the winning side are very selective when it comes to branding colors.

Color psychology is vital in building a strong, relatable image for your brand and business. Colors affect human behavior and determine how customers make decisions on items they want to buy. The color you choose to market your business can either make or break your business. Colors in branding strategies can help customers to see your brand exactly how you want them to perceive it. Contrary, poor color selection damages a brand’s image. For example, the wrong color for logo or content can make it less visible, readable, and difficult to understand. Some of the customers end up ignoring at once.

Colors in branding help a business to influence how customers think and respond to its brand. Besides that, they influence how targeted customers interpret the information you present to them. This is the reason why understanding color psychology is important because if the right color(s) are not selected from word go, there is a possibility that a business’s growth will be affected.  It is evident that those companies that are making a kill in their area of specialization some of them don’t have the best services or products but customers believe they do. Such companies understand the power color psychology the reason they have progressively succeeded where their peers have failed. Branding colors are more than simple aesthetic considerations that can make up brand identity and experience. It influences the perception targeted customers have with your brand. It is through perception people begun to have emotional perceptions.   Your brand’s color is a vital element of your brand’s story. This is the reason why business people need to choose a color(s) beyond their personal or subjective preferences.

When it comes to visual identity color is the foundation of your brand with respect to its entire expressions and executions. For example, through the creative use of colors, Apple transformed how people think of desktop. Color had a strong impact on their brand and business growth. The simple little innovation played an important foundation of what Apple has become today. Most of the well-managed brands, color is not a personal choice but a strategic business imperative.
Color helps in business positioning
For a business to convey a simple idea of meaning and differentiation, it needs to select a color that properly fits a business’s strategic positioning.  The color selected must represent the targeted customer’s emotional associations and value. Besides, they must represent the value proposition or the brand’s promise.

Also, a brand’s colors are used to help a business to establish trust and familiarity. This is done by eliciting the right emotions. This is the reason why the most popular brands in the world have succeeded to create a strong association with their brands. Even though the colors they use don’t involve text on them, they reflect their branding and what the brand is all about.
The power of color and its ability to elicit emotion increases brand recognition. It eventually boosts sales thus helping a business to grow to unimaginable levels. The desired growth is attributed to the correct eliciting of the desired reactions. Marketing experts say that at least 60%-80% of the customer’s purchasing decision is influenced by the product’s color. Such revelation means that if a product has an attractive color, customers are likely to purchase.  Also, the right color does not only increase strengthen the product’s presence in the market, but it can affect the total sales.

Wal-Mart over the years has branded itself as the leader in low-cost retail business and achieve that they have used color blue in all its branding effort.  Even though they have been upgrading its image in the eyes of its customers, the familiar has not lost. They have continued to use the color as part of its identity.

Designers must understand that color’s meaning varies from a country to another, culture to another so it is crucial to investigate how to target customers perceive specific colors to avoid missing the target.

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Author Demetria Buie

Branding Colors

Good morning beautiful people.
Pray everyone is good…

Here is an 5 page Blog on “The Importance Of Branding Colors” I struggled a lot with colors when I first started my business. Everyday I desired new colors lol😂. Because I love all colors, but it wasn’t about me. Here…. download yours Now..