The Clean Glass

A poem written by Demetria Buie.
Copyright 2016
“The Clean Glass”
How long will it take for you to see? ” To see through a clear window glass. I say to myself, ” Is the glass clear? Is it clean? ” I see ” but I really can’t see. Can someone make it more clear? ” Can someone clean it once more? “Excuse me; It’s clean, but I still can’t see. How long will I have to wait for someone to clean it again? “Trying to see through this dirty glass is hurting me! Can someone please clean it for me? “Excuse me ma’am; Are you blind? No sir, I just can’t see. It doesn’t matter rather it’s clean or dirty, I still won’t be able to see. Lord; why did this have to happen to me? ” Maybe I should just break this glass, then I’ll be able to see! “Has God forgotten me? ” Because this glass is killing me.
How many times does he have to hit you for you to see?

How many women does he have to sleep with for you to see? How many, lies will you let her tell? How many, times does he have to show you, he will not be there? How many times does she have to show you she won’t care? How many years will you wait? How many babies will you have for someone to say; I care? How long will you keep your past buried? How long will you both go to church acting like y’all care, when you two really don’t care ? How long, will you continue to wait up for him, on those cold lonely nights? I LOVE HIM! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Oh I see; so if he slept with 47 different women in your marriage, do you have to forgive and stay?” Wait No! It was only 10 women. Oh; I mean; only 3 women. Oh I see.” I stayed because I loved him, who else will want? It’s been too many years, I mightiest well stay. If you clean my glass just once more, then maybe I’ll be able to see. Clean my glass, so that I can see pass my past. Clean my glass, so that I can start loving me. Clean my glass, so I won’t continue to wait on someone who don’t want me. Clean my glass, so that I may find forgiveness. Clean my glass, so that I want be bitter. Clean my glass, so that I can know when to move on. Clean my glass, so I’ll know that I have a purpose here on earth. HELLO????????????!!!!!!!! Has anyone cleaned my glass yet? “So that I may see. Copyright2016image

The clean Glass

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