What do you do if you are in an abusive relationship?

Abuse is NOT love! LOVE is not abuse!

Love does not hurt. The abuse is not your fault.

You did NOT cause the abuse. You can not stop the abuse.

*DISCUSS YOUR CONCERNS: It is never too late to make your feelings clear with your partner. If expressing your concerns leads to abuse, get HELP. This is not of God or LOVE.

*TRUST YOUR GUT. IF you have concerns about someone you are dating or want to date, trust your feelings. If the person refuses to discuss your concerns, you should not go out with them.

*BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. It’s common to question whether the abuse took place, or whether it was really “that bad”. But it is important to believe your feelings.

Never let loneliness make you silent. And accept abuse.



*Is very jealous towards you?

*Makes you afraid to disagree?

*Wants to get to serious too fast?

*Threatens to hurt you?

*Call you names, insults you?

*Makes you tell where you are all the time?

*Blames you when becoming angry or losing control.

*Pressures you to have sex?

*Threatens to commit suicide if you try to leave them?

*Gets mad when you spend time with your family?

*Gets mad when you want to workout?

*Tells you what to wear?

*Always hitting you? Then gift you and promises to never do it again?

*Can’t go anywhere by yourself?

*Checks your phone constantly?

Do you think it’s time to end the relationship?

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August 25 2016

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