Buie’s Beauty Body Care. Let’s Launch

I was homeless, with nowhere to go and no friends by my side. All I had was God and the will to rise. As a 22-year-old girl living in a group home, I never received or kept any feminine products. Many people who have these products every day probably take for granted how blessed they are to have them.

I know exactly what not having feminine products feels like so I wanted to add Shampoo to Empowering Women Magazine in order to speak self-care.

Today, I am extremely excited and proud to launch Buie’s Beauty Body Care Shampoo with the magazine. This shampoo can be used on all types of hair, whether you’re a brown girl or a Caucasian woman. It took me a while to find a shampoo that could cater to all my readers but I finally did. And I absolutely love it!

If you you’re losing hair every day and it doesn’t seem to grow back. If your edges are thinning out or if you just haven’t been able to find a shampoo you love. This is a product you definitely want to try!

Buie’s Beauty Body Care Shampoo contains hemp oil which is proven to stimulate hair growth so your hair will grow faster and stronger. The reduction of hair loss is another benefit you will enjoy along with the restoration of your hair’s natural state after every shampoo.

It works wonders on hair that has been damaged by overexposure to UV rays, treatment with chemicals, or repeated color processing and also has a great smell.

To top it all off, this thick and long lasting shampoo is Paraben free, sodium chloride free and Gluten free.

It is the perfect product that will allow your hair to breathe from weaves, colors, & chemicals while still looking amazing.

I am NOT a licensed beautician. I only sale the shampoo…

My vision is to Empower Women to have clean, healthy, & break-free hair while simultaneously helping other women who are now in the same situation I was in…

Each 8oz bottle of Buie’s Beauty Body

Care Shampoo is $22.00 and I have decided to donate 10% of the money made from this to a group home. So no girl in there will have to lack basic hair hygiene and self-care products.

Thank you so much to all my readers for your support thus far. We know that God has blessed us to be a blessing. So thank you for blessing me and helping me to bless so many others through your support.



Contact us to support this powerful movement.

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