Push Girl..

Push Girl is the Story Of A Girl Who Started Out With Love, Endured Pain, And Found Strength!

I’m super excited to Finally share “Push Girl” Hunni can I tell you I’ve been going through sooo much, and at one point it felt like I wanted to lay down & give up. Yes! Give up!😖

But I felt the Holy Spirit saying “Push Girl” Push Demetria. You can’t give up! Now we are here to PUSH! Push beyond our past & pain..!

I’m all about Women Empowerment for our business & Personal lives..! I would like to invite you to something amazing!

Something I’ve been building. Yes chiiillle I’m all about Building…!😋 Are you an Entrepreneur who needs Professional photos for your business just as well as your personal Branding? Do you need to sit and have a one on one with someone who is definitely generating Revenue in their business and can definitely help you? Need prayers for your business and personal life? Well you are in the right place.

Yes! It’s an investment…But a really GREAT investment as that!

Do you have good friends around you? Examine it. Are they friends who are happy with you as long as you’re in neat alignment with what they stand for? Are they friends who will stick close to you as long as your accomplishments and successes don’t rise above their own and elicit jealousy? If so, then in order to keep these friends, you’re dulling your own shine. You’re holding on to a toxic relationship that pulls you away from what God holds for you.

The people around you matter!

Push Girl means something has to open in your head and in your heart, but that shift, that easing, comes up against our own invisible, often implacable resistance. A great deal of that resistance comes from nothing more pedestrian than the great human reluctance to change. Even change for the better is still change, often initially dreaded and avoided. We are creatures of habit and of inertia.

Would you like to Join my Push Girl Transformation Session??

I promise it’s going to be amazing!

Remind yourself that the discomfort is temporary, and each step forward is one closer to the finish.

The power to get past the past does not lie primarily with the nature of events themselves. They count a lot, sure. But so do the steps forward a person is willing to take and how much effort he or she is willing to expend to push some emotional rock up, up, and out of the way.

I’m super excited to work with you every step of the way! If your answer is yes. Please email YES TO Refusetolose30@gmail.com and you will receive an Registration link for you to book your Time & Date between December 12&13. Space is limited & it will definitely go fast…!

Reset & Ready for Next.

Split decisions: I decided to walk through the door.

Let God be your Business CEO and you will see what he does with you. God will prepare a table before your enemies.



Available June 5, 2020…..

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