Empowering Women To Speak Out Magazine. (Top Story). Should You Marry Someone That Understands your Calling? By: Julia A. Royston 🥂 January 2021

Do They Understand Your Call?
Two things, no relationship is perfect. Secondly, I’m not a relationship expert.
Having been divorced once and single for more than a decade after, I decided that
I was going to wait and not settle. This is a no judgement zone and I don’t
condemn anyone for the choices that they make because it is left up to you. But, I
believe to my core that your life, career and call will be impacted if you are in a
relationship with the wrong person. Some people excel in spite of the
relationship and I applaud you but for me, I need to be in a stable relationship to
excel. I need peace. I need support. I need balance. I need love and
commitment. That’s my short list but more importantly, I needed God to bring,
endorse and tell me who my husband was. It was key for me. If God didn’t say
yes, I didn’t want to say yes. My motto is “Go with God.” My calling was
important to me so for me the 4 must haves are:
God agreement – I needed a yes from God.
Understand ME and the call that is on my life. I had no clue where and
what ALL God had for me but I was sure going to at least stay on the road
to find out. I had to ask them the question, this is me and my call, you in or
out? Also, I have always said, “Don’t make me choose between you and
God because you will lose, period.”
What are your interests? I didn’t want a one sided relationship. What was
their passion, purpose and pursuits? What made them get up in the
morning and shine? How did they want to spend their days and nights?
Finally, fidelity and integrity in my relationship. Is he perfect? No. Am I
perfect? Lord, no and never will be until heaven. Do we work together,
love the same God, work toward the same goals by having each other’s
back and loving each other’s families? Absolutely.
So what’s on your list? Gifts and Calling come without repentance. God’s not
changing His mind and neither should you. Let’s go!
Written By: Julia A. Royston 🥂. Publish By: DBPUBLICATIONS.
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