How to Prepare for What You’ve Prayed For!

How to Prepare for What You’ve Prayed For
Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the
grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.
(1 Peter 1:13)
Two of the most troubling questions amongst believers are, “How long before God answers my
prayers? How long will my waiting on Him last?”
But there is another vital point of view we might just be ignoring.
It could well be that while we think we’re waiting on Him, He is actually the one waiting for us
to sort out certain aspects of our lives in preparation for the blessing!

It’s a Matter of Purpose
It is important that the things you’re asking God for are actually the things He wants for you.
How close are your desires to His will? How much of your purpose will that request fulfil? These
are questions you must answer.
You’re made for so much more than an ordinary life. He wants you to live for His Kingdom’s
advancement and the glory of His Name.
When you get confused as to how to use a product, you return to the producer for the manual.
Make sure you’re on the right track today by returning to your Creator for guidance. Make sure
your prayers are motivated by God’s love and not human ulterior motives.
This is the basis for receiving from God.
Operation ‘Upgrade’
Is this version of you ready for the blessing you seek?
The case is often that God sent the answer soon after you prayed but it reached the door of
your life and screeched to an abrupt halt. It couldn’t gain entrance because something you’re
doing or not doing hinders it.
Have you asked God for the blessing of a spouse and yet continue with those trial and error
relationships? Have you asked for success and yet keep cutting corners? Have you asked for

Preparation for the blessing πŸ™Œ

spiritual growth and still pick and choose what parts of God’s Word to obey or discard because
they seem ‘easy’ or ‘hard’?
God needs to be sure you won’t misuse that blessing. He wants you to trust Him completely. If
you still fight for yourself, depend on your own abilities, and partially obey Him, the solution is
a complete upgrade. Determine to be transformed and ask God sincerely grace to perform. He
won’t deny you.
Talk is Cheap
Many Christians have the blessed conviction that God has called them into a particular
endeavor. It’s good that they say it aloud with assurance.
But let’s be real: Talk is cheap.
God has placed in you the ability to excel in that field. If you then decide not to lift a finger to
work towards it, no amount of prayer will make bring the excellence your way!
Whether it’s ministry, business, academics or whichever else, you need to put in the actual
effort to polish yourself. Ask questions, take courses, engage with the countless online and
offline content in your specific area. Sharpen your skills.

Some blessings already rest within you and simply need discipline and diligence to shine forth.
You’ve prayed enough, beloved. Get to work!
Conquer the Miracle Robber
This is how you know your breakthrough is just around the corner: The enemy begins to
instigate pressure and provocations from friends, colleagues, family and even random strangers.
For Moses, it was from those he led. Their terrible outburst when they needed water made Him
so furious he struck the Rock instead of simply speaking to it, like God commanded. He missed
out on God’s promised land because of this.
Anger is the miracle robber. It breeds contempt for God, dishonor to His servants, and envy
against those who have gotten the blessings you seek.
Choose to be a conqueror. Choose to be joyful in the Lord, no matter what. Soak yourself in His
unfailing Word. Sing praises and dance to Him.

God is waiting for you to get prepared so that He can reach you with your miracle. Just play
your part and He will handle the rest.
You will surely testify!

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