Afraid 2 Love!

Afraid to Love Again
All human beings share an intimate desire to experience a unique soul-level connection with someone special. That is falling in love with the right person. Falling in love is great, feels wonderful, and is the most amazing thing human beings can experience. It involves a
rollercoaster of emotion which are beautiful, wonderful, and hideous at times. Nevertheless, people from broken marriages or broken long-term relationships fear falling in love again.
Besides, some who have never been in love desire it but are afraid. Human beings were created for relationships with one another.
Love is a natural feeling, and when you find the right person, you cannot fight it. The fear of loving again may be strong, but you do not realize that avoiding falling in love or connect with
your soulmate is only hurting you. You do not become any better, instead, you are only keeping yourself guarded, bitter and lonely. If you have never fallen in love, you are just afraid of the
unknown and you cannot overcome it unless you decide to face it.
Real love is sweet and endless; however, it makes a person vulnerable and at the same time stirs up the old hurts. However, if you allow yourself to fall in love again, you are going to realize being vulnerable has its benefits. In this case, vulnerability is not on the negative side. It is the
honesty, and openness with a new person about your life, desires, thoughts, and dreams. It is the idea of allowing another person to know you more, which is important for them to love you right. Besides everything falling in love is biblical.
Would you catch me if I fall for you?
If I fall for you today, would you catch me knowing love is an overwhelming feeling and is filled with passion? The bible says that love is kind, forgiving, patient, selfless, and sacrificial. Loving
each other is a commitment, also it is an act of service and satisfies the party. Therefore, loving is intentional and does not depend on how the other person is feeling. Jesus loved those who
loved him and those who condemned Him. However, even if love is natural, you should not perceive it as a dependent. The concept of “falling in love” places undue emphasis on the
expressive condition of the person involved. The wording may make it sound accidental but it is

June 3, 2021

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