3 Ways To Strengthen Your Faith.

“Then Jesus told them, “I tell you the truth, if you have faith and don’t doubt, you can do things
like this and much more. You can even say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown
into the sea,’ and it will happen.”
Matthew 21:21

Have you ever found yourself in a season of waiting?
It’s the time in your life where you feel stuck. You’re not sure what to do next or who to turn to and you find yourself focused on your problems instead of your purpose.
We have all been there and we know that it isn’t the best season to be in. We also know, now that we have come out on the other side, that it gets better. All you need to do right now is strengthen your faith and develop purpose.

Here are 3 ways to do that:

1. Identify the Doubt

You cannot say that you have faith but doubt God’s ability to work in and through you at the same time.
The reason many of us don’t pursue our purpose is because of self doubt. Deep down we know what we should do but we don’t think we can do it. What we don’t realize is that if we could fulfill our purpose by ourselves, in our own abilities, then we wouldn’t need God. This is why God
gives us big and scary dreams that we know we can’t achieve on our own. He wants us to be close to him, always leaning on him to make the impossible possible in our lives.
So the best way to strengthen your faith and develop your purpose is to identify the doubt that is holding you back. Then ask yourself this one question : Is my God not able to do this?

Your answer to that question will strengthen your faith and light a fire within you. You will finally be able to go ahead and pursue your God-given purpose free of fear and doubt.

2. Learn Scriptures

The world has changed a lot and most people have forgotten the power that scriptures hold.
Try saying the scripture: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil 4:13), every time you feel inferior or not able to do something. This will work wonders in your life and strengthen your faith because you will soon realize the power within it.

There are tons of other scriptures that will help you in different areas of your life. Set an intention to learn them, it will make all the difference.

3. Take Action

Now that you have found the problem and you’ve been learning scriptures to combat it. It’s time to take action!
You will not be able to see faith in action if you aren’t taking action.
God helps those who help themselves. So do not say that you have enough faith to start that business, build that home, live that dream or write that book and then not take any action towards it.

You may end up losing faith by assuming that God isn’t helping you instead of realizing that God needs you to take the first step in order for him to show you the staircase.
By taking action, you will continue to see that God has your back and your faith will increase.

In this journey of building your faith, remember that faith isn’t a one-step process, and it’s also not a one-stop shop. In order to find and keep faith, you’ll need to practice over and over again.
But that’s okay! With each step you’ll become stronger and stronger until faith is your first reaction to challenges, not fear.
Start today, develop a plan to make 2019 a purpose-driven year where your days are filled with more faith than fear.

Written By: Demetria Buie


Demetria Buie sharing her journey.

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