Change Starts With You!

Change happens whether we like it or not and regardless of whether we do anything about it. Tomorrow will be different than today. We can resist, but that is a bit like standing in a river and trying to hold back the water – useless. We have a choice to watch change passively happening around us, or to participate and lead it.

Most people who say they don’t like change mean they don’t like when it happens to them, but they don’t mind if they are the ones initiating the change.  We’d rather be the changer than the change-ee.

If you wish for unconditional love, love yourself unconditionally.

If you wish to be accepted as you are, have the courage to accept yourself as you are.

If you wish to live a life with value, value your life.

Your greatest love affair is you

There is one person you will have with you your entire life. One whom, if you love, will always reciprocate. One that needs your love more than anyone else. And that person is you.

The greatest love affair you will ever have is with yourself, and you need to treat it like a great relationship. Too many of us give our love so freely to others, but do not give ourselves the same love. Something so many of us are not willing to do. But it’s time…! 🍋

After So many failed Relationships & bad Crushes. I’ve decided to put myself first! Love me. Crush on me. Buy myself cakes, cards, and chocolate covered strawberries. 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓

It starts with a hope, or a thought that things can be better than they are now. Then, exploring how that might happen. Accepting that we do have the power to make change. It’s doing this versus dwelling on the negative, blaming others, shutting down new ideas, thinking it’s not worth the effort, or whatever other negative self-talk may be taking place. All those things cause us to be stuck. Demetria Buie Ministries.

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