The Meaning Of Partnership By: Demetria Buie

True Meaning of Partnership
In the simplest terms, a relationship describes a situation where two people enter into a partnership. A romantic partnership is way more than just a relationship. In partnership, your greatest supporter is your number one critic. You both think independently but depend on your partner to succeed in most of the things; you both works together as a team and have a similar goal. Some people describe a partnership is like a higher calling in a relationship. 
Some of the signs you are in partnership and not a relationship anymore involves things like, you are both even; it is not about one giving while the other is receiving. Also, commitment is not a problem between partners. Another great deal between partners is that they do not argue, but instead, they have discussions. It is not because they do not have a reason to urge, but their relationship is way more than that, in case of misunderstanding, they do not shout or scream but find it easy to sit down and talk things out.
Things that truly matter.
 In a healthy relationship, some things matter, while others do not matter. The biggest priority with partners is the relationship itself; doing things that will keep the relationship moving is a priority. Other things include having common values, bonding time, conflict management, and the future. A genuine relationship is always positive. 
However, how do you know if you were meant to be together? This is one of the most bothering questions in every relationship. But it is straightforward to tell whether you were meant to be with someone or not. If you were meant to be together, things would flow smoothly. Around your partners, you will remain yourself, and you will not mind hiding anything about yourself.
Another point is that you will accept vulnerability for the sake of your loved ones. You do not put a mask when around them and you trust them. Another great reason to know whether a person is meant to be with you is whether they are comfortably able to share their dark side and vice versa without judging each other. If they were meant to be with you, they would be real and authentic around you. 
If you were meant to be together, your relationship should be healthy and, there are various things you should never fight over. A healthy couple does not fight all the time; it consists of emotionally healthy people. Emotionally well-up people maintain their emotional well-being. They are sure of what they want and take up the responsibility of ensuring they are met. 
Dismiss too many rules
In a genuine relationship, there should not be too many rules. You need to dismiss them and let things flow certainly. For example, some couples put across rules regarding almost everything. For instance, when to meet, when to go out, when to give each other space when to call or text and many others, that should not be the case; a true relationship has no rules; instead, things flow naturally. 

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